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Uta mentions that during their "encounter" in the Auction Raid, he noticed that he has not changed and that he is still a valued customer of his. Though well aware of how Shimoguchi looked down on him, Sasaki treated him with politeness and professionalism. However, it is also implied he still cares for her. El poder que necesito para enfrentarlo... Es demasiado... Si tengo que recurrir a él... Voy a... Desaparecer". He adopted the habit of cracking his knuckles from his torturer, Yamori. Le preocupaba que él podría dejar de estar con sus amigos si recuperaba su memoria. He displayed his cold nature to Urie when the latter blamed him for Shirazu's death, calmly telling him that it was his fault as he was the one fighting beside Shirazu. Because of his experiences, he had started to have interest in becoming stronger and began reading martial art books so that he could protect himself and the people close to him. Kaneki then asked her to marry him in a ghoul ceremony after she revealed she was pregnant with his child. He wished to reclaim his lost "human" side and became uncertain about the path he had taken to become stronger. Sin embargo, Kaneki le dijo que su relación no puede durar para siempre, y la compara con la relación de un Hongo Cordyceps y una oruga, en la que los dos seres luchan por un cuerpo. Tal vez, ésto sea su más grande debilidad y egoísmo. Cuando Kaneki se une a Anteiku, ella es su jefa en todo y muestra poca paciencia con sus errores y la falta de conocimiento de los asuntos relacionados con los ghoul, muy a su pesar. Sasaki shapes his kagune into a three-fingered claw. Pude verlo. No. Sasaki was frustrated by this inability to control his team, and confused when Shirazu argued with him before storming out. El Kakuja de Kaneki, en un principio tenia una forma similar a la de un ciempiés, lo cual es curioso ya que Yamori mientras lo torturaba le puso un ciempies de cabeza roja, tambien llamado ciempies chino, en el oído. At the end, she supposedly died and he, heavily injured, was taken to a hospital, where Dr. Kanou decided to transplant her organs into him. Durante su enfrentamiento con Serpiente, Haise lo atravesó, hiriendo brutalmente a Serpiente con su Kagune mientras tronaba su dedo, un hábito que Kaneki había tenido en el pasado después de ser torturado por Yamori. Yoshimura acts as a mentor to Kaneki. Aun así, reconoce que su subordinado problemático es altamente calificado con la intuición excepcionalque tiene. After the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation, Sasaki seems to have become distant towards Hinami as he has not visited nor talked to her during the six months since the end of the operation. Se presume que tendría que ser mucho mas alto ya que los test se le hicieron en el CCG y ellos le administran supresores. Kaneki y Eto parecen tener una relación muy complicada debido a sus múltiples facetas, así como los cambios de personalidad y de memoria de Kaneki. Me has salvado incontables veces, ¿cierto? ", To Rize (in his hallucination): "I won't let that happen. Yoshimura actúa como un mentor para Kaneki. Is Haise Sasaki Kaneki Ken? His casual outfit consists of a turquoise hoodie, light black pants, running shoes with a yellow toe and blue outlines reaching the middle of the black base of the soles. We fight ceaselessly to save ourselves from loss. Akira served as his mentor, responsible for training him in the field and helping shape him as an investigator. As these memories came back to him, the child expressed that Kaneki was trying to die during the events at V14. Kaneki trusted him enough to bring him along on a scavenging expedition that was supposed to provide food for all of Goat for a long duration of time. Yomo played a crucial role in Kaneki's decision to return to Anteiku, reassuring the latter of his own strength. He also wore black clothing to capture the reaper look, hence his name. Sasaki feared that relying on his ghoul side would make him disappear. Ui however secretly distrusts Sasaki and is wary of both his mental state and his abilities as a ghoul. Alongside Banjou and Tsukiyama, she joins Kaneki's group of ghouls. His team consists of Tooru, Urie, Shirazu and Saiko who’s always behind promotions. In the anime, Kaneki joined Aogiri at the beginning of the second season, which differs greatly from the manga in which Kaneki forms a group with Banjou, Hinami and some other ghouls. This is also the reason why Kaneki seems to reject the notion of "living" because to him, watching others die before him is the beginning of returning to those lonely days without anyone behind him. The two then found middle ground in their care for Hinami after her mother's death. It is implied further by Chie Hori that Kaneki does seem to still care about him, as she stated that if he really wanted to kill Tsukiyama, he would have done it already. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. He would play a key role on ending the conflict between humans and ghouls, uniting the two species together. Era extremadamente gentil y aparentaba ser optimista la mayor parte del tiempo. All you're doing is indulging in this twisted self-value that you have to yourself. Right, Haise? Después de ayudar a rescatar a su novia en el Arco del Gourmet, se convirtió más como un amigo cercano a Kaneki. His neck appears to have scarring all over it. [15][16] In his free time, he wore casual clothes. Ambos tuvieron la admiración y el elogio de Kishou Arima. Four years later, Kaneki still has not forgotten his last meeting and talk with the manager, hinting at the importance Yoshimura held for him as an individual. Sasaki creates a mass of limbs out of his kagune. As an investigator, he is a strong fighter in battle and shows great skill in criminal investigations. His new creed—that as "the strong" he had the right to "devour the weak"—was originally an ideology held by Yamori. However, after losing to Juuzou and Abara and being shown his flaws by Furuta, Kaneki has decided that he'll do so with the help and support of his friends and family, rather than tackling the issue by himself. It took quite a turn but the anime is finally here well and good. But, despite knowing we will one day be bereft, despite knowing we will one day disappear, we still strive in wretched ways. Recuperó sus memorias durante la Operación Exterminio de la Familia Tsukiyama. Yusa Arima † (Desertó). He showed appropriate respect and great concern for his colleagues, especially his underlings. Even during the Goat Extermination Operation, Kaneki and Juuzou display no hate towards each other, only fighting as a result of knowing what needs to be done. She refused to show any compassion and beat him up, telling him to go and die on his own. Inicialmente, Yomo es distante e indiferente hacia él, cuando Kaneki colabora por primera vez con él en una misión de eliminación del cuerpo. To this end, he made Shirazu the new squad leader and encouraged him to excel. As Investigators they were not seen interacting much except for a recollection where Sasaki questioned Hirako about who Arima truly was as a person. CentipedeHaise SasakiBlack ReaperOne-Eyed KingMiracle HumanNameless KingK-EaterHSNumber 240Dragon, Member of Anti-Aogiri (Formerly)CCG Ghoul Investigator (Formerly)Executive of the Aogiri Tree (anime only)Leader of GOAT, Rinkaku kagune/KakujaSuperhuman strengthSuperhuman sensesSuperhuman durabilitySuperhuman enduranceSuperhuman speedSuperhuman staminaSuperhuman regenerationHigh-pain immunity/toleranceShapeshifting (limited)Longevity (as Dragon)Regular abilities:Excellent Combat prowessMaster Martial ArtistManipulationHigh intelligenceEscape artAdaptivenessArmed and unarmed combat proficiencyWeapon masteryLeadershipEmpathyFeral mindMastery of strategyImplantsPower mimicry (limited)StealthSynaesthesiaNight visionRadiationBlast power (via gun). He is interrupted by a projection of "Hide" who tells him to stop being a fool and to listen for once. The mask he wears in combat, the Eyepatch Mask, resembles a dark leather gimp mask with an eye patch on its right side. Haise altamente respeta y admira Arima hasta el punto de que siente que sería imposible para él superar a su maestro. Upon this realization, Kaneki asks himself under the guise of his various selves if he's willing to cross the line of killing humans and children. Entonces cuando cierras un libro que has terminado de leer y regresas a la realidad, todo el dolor y tristeza que no podrías poner en palabras antes, siguen allí en esas páginas. We still wish to be beautiful. If people close to him are threatened, Kaneki will try to protect them even if he is the one who gets hurt the most instead. This was perhaps Kaneki's greatest weakness. However, upon releasing his new kagune, his body appears to have returned to normal, with his hands once again possessing five fingers and being without the previous scales. Kaneki is also a tactical combatant, his intelligence and improvisational abilities allow him to challenge foes far more powerful than himself. He entered a period of soul-searching. Because of Haise’s gentle persona, this leads his subordinates to constantly go out of their way and take the advantage of disobeying him, rendering him incompetent in controlling their actions, and he in turn worries about their safety. Indecisive. He also wore a white ghoul investigator outfit, much like everyone else in his squad. After he was turned into a powerful one-eyed ghoul, he initially clung to his human side. His memories were initially lost to him, but regained during the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation. Comparten una asociación casual y relajada después de 6 meses, como se ve cuando confió en Furuta para buscar la casa de Takatsuki Sen, alabando su habilidad en la organización de documentos, y más tarde le pidió jugar el papel del investigador bueno. He yearned for strength and power, therefore becoming more power-hungry and superficially arrogant. ", To Furuta: "Furuta, I was the sort of human you'd find anywhere. Afterward, he acknowledged her by asking her to go with him to a Goat meeting. ¡No hay forma de que pueda comer carne humana! En retrospectiva, no se cuál fue el sentido de eso. My life was threatened. Years after the Owl Suppression Operation, Sasaki, after finding Amon reports about his past self, sees "Kaneki" in his mind weeping because of the belief that he killed Amon. He has poor reflexes, reflecting his terrible athletic skills when he was previously human. Tuvieron una conversación sensible acerca de su pasado y de su personalidad. Vamos a descansar un poco. He no longer feared his ghoul side and was more violent during battles, such as when he cannibalized Yamori's kagune in order to strengthen himself, and mercilessly broke 103 of Ayato's bones. Junto con Banjou y Tsukiyama, ella se une al grupo de ghouls de Kaneki. unable to achieve what I wanted, I even lost. Se convierten en amigos cercanos durante su tiempo juntos, a menudo van juntos en los viajes y misiones. When Kaneki was trapped within Dragon, Urie was among those who were responsible for digging him out of Dragon's body. Debemos eliminarlo completamente...Las cosas en nuestro camino. He had lived a a peaceful life, until he met Rize Kamishiro, a beautiful femme fatale who attracts and manipulates Kaneki into believing that she loves him. What does this prove? Se dio cuenta de que ambos trataron de ayudar y proteger a los demás solo porque no querían estar solos. With a tear rolling down his cheek, Kaneki kills Rize to end the Dragon's rampage. He has since then developed a much more aggressive and bloodlusted personality. I... Who am I? Posiblemente el Kakuja adopte ésta forma debido al trauma. „ ~ Ken Kaneki Sasaki meets his projection of Kaneki, as they accept each other., In season 2 of the anime, Kaneki joins Aogiri Tree after defeating Yamori, wheres in the original manga storyline, he forms his own group to defeat Aogiri Tree, and they were involved in a confrontation against. Awkward. Once Sasaki realizes what Hide actually meant back in V14, his hair turns white once more due to the stress of being ripped apart by Arima and rises with a newfound will to live wearing a smile on his face. Formerly a human who studying Japanese Literature at Kamii University and living a normal life, everything was soon changed after he had Rize's kakuhou transplanted into him and became a One-Eyed Ghoul. Su aspecto se asemejaba claramente a Kishou Arima. After Goat was forced to move underground as a result of Furuta's oppressive plan to eradicate the population of ghouls in Tokyo, Kaneki has become more morose. The bolts sticking out of his neck and the fact that he is an artificial ghoul invoke a Frankenstein-like theme. There appeared to be flesh patterns decorating his neck and lower eyelids. Whenever he was near starvation and losing control of his kagune (or half-kakuja), he behaved in a way that emulated another's, such as Rize or Yamori. When he was in university, Kaneki was somewhat a short and scrawny young man with no athletic background, and preferred to read books rather than play sports. Despite this, he is shown to be very adaptive and a quick learner. Akira suggested that Arima had a parental love for him, indicating the especially strong bond between them. Kaneki personifies his feelings to an extent that they take the form of people existing within his mind. As much as he treasured his life, if people close to him were threatened, he would not hesitate to put his life on the line. El factor de Rc de Sasaki es de 2753. Influenced by his mother and a true testament of modesty, he willingly took blame and punishment from others so that he can be someone who does not hurt people, but rather absorb the torment. Kaneki's appearance during the Clown Siege. El resto de tiempo usa una camisa manga larga negra con una corbata blanca-gris claro y pantalones de traje. As Sasaki, he showed concern for Hinami's safety when he learned she was acquainted with his past, and he asked her to leave while she was protecting him to prevent her from being hurt any further by Takizawa. Shortly after his reawakening, he stabs Tsukiyama in the chest, in order for him to appear seriously wounded and in danger of dying. Cuando fue tomado por Aogiri, Nishiki mostró preocupación por su bienestar y quería rescatarlo. His kakuja form's distinct appearance earned him the alias Centipede (ムカデ, Mukade).[14]. Mientras que a menudo pasa en sus misiones, se las arregla para sonreír y estar ahí para ella cuando él está cerca, incluso acompañarla a lugares como firma de libros de Sen Takatsuki. Though he is hailed as the mentor of Quinx, he shows apportioned respect and great concern for his colleagues, pledging a protective streak over them. He always tried to be a kind person like her, even after her death from overwork. Por el bien de un otro (quiero morir) yo daré mi propia vida (con estilo)". Sasaki meets his mentor, Akira Mado, for the first time. Se desconoce la causa de ésto. The trauma caused him to warp his memory so he believed her to be nothing but a gentle woman, whom in reality, never did love and he viewed her as a "maggot.". And in the conversation she mentioned the look he gave her as Sasaki, a look that embarrassed Kaneki but one that Touka admitted made her happy, indicating her romantic feelings for him. Do you know what that's like? When Kaneki emerged from the Dragon Kakuja, his hair had grown significantly longer and his arms were fully healed, back into his regular human arms. Mutsuki... Por favor sálvalo. Por ende, Kaneki hereda el título. In his second battle with Arima, Sasaki wore a form-fitting black bodysuit underneath his uniform. Todo lo que estás haciendo es entregarte a este retorcido valor que te tienes a ti mismo. Después de que el doctor Shiba expresó su preocupación por la salud del joven investigador, Sasaki hizo un punto para cocinar la cena con un montón de carne y le dio una conferencia sobre la necesidad de fortalecer su cuerpo. Hideyoshi Nagachika, su mejor amigo , fue un apoyo para él. Cuatro años más tarde, Kaneki todavía no ha olvidado su última reunión y habla con el gerente, haciendo alusión a la importancia que Yoshimura realizó para él como individuo. After being dismembered by Suzuya and Hanbee and cornered by the Oggai, Kaneki started to hallucinate — the multiple personalities of him clashing over the various choices that caused his defeat and he was close to completely giving up. Él tiene un gran respeto por Amon, y en su última reunión le preguntó al investigador si le permitía pasar (algo que sabía que no iba suceder). He despises the idea of solitude, hence he tries to protect those dear to him so he would not have to face his fears of being alone in the world. Soy yo. Prime members enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping, Free Same-Day or One-Day Delivery to select areas, Prime Video, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and more. Overtime, his hair began to resemble closer to his previous self, in which it began to straighten and developed more black streaks. Una fría y viva mirada. However, when at home he expressed annoyance at the other man and looked forward to the chance to show him up. Su vestimenta se acentuaba por un par de guantes de color rojo y gafas. He wore a black version of the Arima Squad uniform, pairing a black dress shirt with black slacks and a long, black trench coat. Haise lo reconoció. Cuando se encontraron de nuevo como enemigos, Haise inconscientemente lo reconoció cuando su máscara se cayó, lo que provocó un estallido de su personalidad ya que perdió temporalmente el control de su kagune, lo que indica que Nishio era un conocido de su antiguo yo. ¿Por qué debo derramar sangre? The name "Haise" was created by combining the kanji from "coffee" and "world". His entire body from the neck down was covered in kagune-like tissue, along with several black growths running down the front of his upper torso, and his hands possessed three misshapen fingers. The two vanish together, resolving to "sleep" for a while. From here, he soon became the One-Eyed King where he grow a mature personality and made sure that all ghouls would be kept safe and live in peace. Para Yamori: "Tu trataste de comerme... Asi que no puedes quejarte... Si yo te como, ¿no? As a result of being modeled after a mere test subject, which Kanou refers to as his masterpiece, he wishes to surpass Sasaki, still possessing feelings of inferiority as he did with Akira, who was ranked first, and him second. Lo sabes ¿no es asi? When embarking on missions, he wears a white trench coat over his uniform and occasionally carries a briefcase with him. He began to favor monochrome clothing and wore a form-fitting black bodysuit with cutouts when going into battle. Además, en contraste con Kaneki, Haise rechaza su lado ghoul y parece estar disgustado con ello, como cuando Kaneki trató de convencerlo de que lo acepte y se resistió. Él confía en Kaneki, en la medida en que le confió salvar a su hija. In contrast to before his memory loss, Sasaki rejected his ghoul side and was afraid of it. He protects people without the need of anyone. He wore the standard business attire of a ghoul investigator, favouring black dress shirts and pinstripe pants with a knee-length white trench coat. Ahora, contrario a sus otras personalidades, Kaneki actua de manera fria, despiadada y cruel, como cuando atraveso el ojo de Kanae con una vara de metal solo para rematarla con su Kagune. Ella normalmente frecuenta a Kaneki cuando tiene hambre y necesita comer carne humana. Para Touka: "Eso no es justo....Usted es muy cruel, Señorita Touka". Unlike previous constructs, Sasaki often imagines the child in the real world, picturing the child going through normal activities such as reading. The fact that I, who was once a human, stand here before you is proof enough. Durante los sucesos de la Invasión a la Isla Ru, el cabello de Kaneki recuperó el color blanco que llevaba luego de ser torturado por Yamori tras una larga batalla contra Kishou Arima. Allies. Si mueres se acabo". Kichimura Washuu / Nimura Furuta † (renunció) • Ambos tuvieron una infancia difícil (aunque en el caso de Furuta estaba rodeado de gente que le quería). He recognizes that everyone is their own protagonist, and that his tragedy doesn't make him anymore special than anyone else. One-Eyed King (Kishou Arima | Ken Kaneki) | Eto Yoshimura | Tatara | Noro | Yakumo Oomori | Bin Brothers | Miza Kusakari | Ayato Kirishima | Naki | Akihiro Kanou | Seidou Takizawa | Hooguro | Shousei | Yumitsu Tomoe | Shikorae | Karao Saeki, Donato Porpora | Souta | Nico | Roma Hoito | Uta | Ganbo, Tsuneyoshi Washuu | Kishou Arima | Juuzou Suzuya | Nimura Furuta | Itsuki Marude | Kureo Mado | Haise Sasaki | Tooru Mutsuki | Seidou Takizawa | Kurona Yasuhisa | Nashiro Yasuhisa, Ken Kaneki | Ayato Kirishima | Miza Kusakari | Naki | Shuu Tsukiyama | Kurona Yasuhisa | Seidou Takizawa | Hooguro, Rize Kamishiro | Nutcracker | Big Madam | Matasaka Kamishiro |, Change the whole world into better so humans and ghouls exist peacefully. "Hide's" advice made Sasaki realize that his mental constructs of "Rize" and "Hide" were all just manifestations of his inner desires and thoughts. I understand the feeling of sinking into pleasure. Kaneki was uncontrollable in this state and kept expanding. Soy el unico... Que fue devorado". En su subconsciente, Kaneki "come" a Rize, la imagen de su lado ghoul. Para Rize (en su alucinación): "Cualquiera que intente destruir aquello que es preciado para mi no tendra misericordia". Y si no lo haces, no durarás. Together, they discovered their fears of losing the other were mutual. Yo...yo... ¿Quién soy? A hallucination of Rize appears to Kaneki earlier in the anime, representing the subconsciousness of Kaneki's ghoul half. Instead of mutually tramping on each others' existence we should just respect each other a little more. Solo hay dos opciones. Haise habitually reads books, and is very co-operative, as he’d prefer to work with his group than to single-handedly accomplish the CCG’s goals. Though imprisoned for many years, Donato seems to know many secrets about his past and offers hints about Kaneki's lost memories and possible future. Sasaki se siente frustrado por ésta incapacidad de controlar a su equipo, y es confundido cuando Shirazu discute con él antes de irrumpir a cabo. Después de su cita, Rize intentó matarlo para comérselo, pero fracasó. Mientras aún puede mostrar su antiguo modo de ser gentil a aquellos que le importan, él puede volverse automáticamente en alguien sin piedad, agresivo, y sediento de sangre contra sus enemigos o aquellos en los que no confía como Tsukiyama y Nico. By embracing his ghoul nature wholeheartedly, Kaneki has given up being "human". He subconsciously remembered her, the taste of her coffee had brought him to tears and he thought she was very beautiful. It bears a lipless mouth with large, with a gnashing teeth, much like a restrained asylum/psychotic monster. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); All images are copyrighted to their respective owners. Arima asiste a su fiesta de Navidad, y Haise le da en forma privada un regalo en forma de agradecimiento por cuidar de él. When the team becomes fractured as a result of Urie's manipulation, Sasaki calls him a brat and swears to teach him a lesson. ", To himself: "At Death's door, I finally stumbled upon the twisted truth. Tuvieron pocas o ninguna interacción con la sociedad humana. Ambos comparten el mismo día de cumpleaños, 20 de diciembre. Mememe. Con el fin de encontrar una razón para su vida, se autoproclama Rey de un ojo, y se le ve muy decidido a crear la paz entre Ghouls y humanos. En esa noche, el lugar a donde miraba Rize, un payaso estaba riendo. Ésto representa cómo él acepta su parte ghoul, dentro de él ya no está influenciado por ésto, esta vez siendo él quien lo controla. Banjou considered Kaneki as a close fellow during their attempt to escape the Aogiri hideout. Banjou asumió que Kaneki ha desarrollado una inestabilidad mental durante su tortura en el Distrito 11 y que eso lo haría desgastarse gradualmente. Se enfrenta a él en una batalla de vida o muerte y hasta el último momento revela que nunca tuvo intensión de matarlo hasta que el propio Arima decide aceptar su derrota y proceder a cortarse el cuello con su propio Quinque, en forma de suicidio. Durante su encuentro inicial, Kaneki está a la vez asustado y fascinado por el legendario investigador.

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